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The Witches of the Forest; The Final Battle: The Witches of the Forest, #6

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This is the sixth and final segment of the series Witches of the Forest. It will take you from the beginning to the end and back to the beginning again. 
This coven of witches has battled demons, warlocks and witches from the dark side. They have seen the past, present and the future in an attempt to protect the forest that holds their secrets. Witches have sacrificed their lives to see that the forest lived on.  
From Salem Village, two centuries ago, this coven was created to keep good on the right side of world. Through witch hunts, burning and hangings they have found a way to move forward. In a world that both fears and stands in awe of the witches, they find their safety and peace deep inside the forest. 
A new queen is born and takes her rightful place in the coven. Eli, brother to Queen Rachel returns one more time to steal what he believes is his by birthright. Somebody has to win and someone must die. Losing this battle will end the coven and the witches of the Forest.

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