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Genesis: In the Beginning

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Are you appalled at the theory of evolution yet at a loss as to how to defend creationism? Do you believe wholly in the Creator, yet are you not able to answer the arguments of the evolutionists? In his book, "In the Beginning" Dr. John R. Rice gives you the ammunition you need to shoot down the worldly fiction concerning origins. Even the most minute point is detailed to give insight and understanding as to how God planned, established and set the world in order.

But this is more than a book to refute the silly claims of man's climbing from beastly ancestry up toward civilization, the so-called Stone Age, etc. It is one of the most "scientific" books available today dealing with the truth about the worldwide Flood; the civilization before the Flood; the world convulsions that destroyed and made over the face of the whole earth, made the layers, the fossils, and coal beds, the radically different climate after the Flood; and much, much more.

This book is for every Christian who wants to defend God as the Creator clearly, concisely and correctly!

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