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Dolphins... A Reason To Believe: Story of Hope and Faith

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A sudden and unexpected phone call changes the life of the protagonist, bringing him back to his great passion: the study of dolphins and their language. The opportunity to take part in a scientific expedition creates food for thought with regards to the unknown and the fragility of human life. After a long journey and a series of very special encounters, he arrives at the mecca: Bimini. It is here that, along with a group of researchers from around the world, he begins his research on the interpretation of the language of dolphins. Many days of diving on a fabulous sea and a constant relationship with the dolphins punctuate the march of time. The beautiful Caribbean island is the setting where a series of events occur and where we meet very special characters. Two days before the end of the expedition, something unexpected and very significant happens. It becomes clear to all members of the expedition just how strong the bond between man and dolphin can be.

Based on a true story, this book deals with the issue of the protection of the seas and all creatures therein, particularly dolphins. The story provides different interpretations of the relationship between humans and dolphins, showing that is a profound and a mutual one.

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