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Troubled Times - Time Troubles: Choose the Way Short Story

41 pages27 minutes


Looking for qualified time-travelers to decide your past selves' future in this fun experimental story. Are you it?

Do you remember holding a flashlight under the covers and breathlessly flipping pages forward or backward for the consequences of the action you chose (go to B)?
Or are you now wondering if you missed out on something amazing (go to A)?

A) Are you open to time changing adventures (go to B)?

B) You must face the future and the past of a time traveler on the run from the Time Police. Will you live to tell the tale? Your choices. Your story. Are you up for the challenge?

This is a twisted, non-linear short story
- for those who loved “Choose your Own Adventures”,
- for those who have never heard of them but are intrigued, and
- for those who always wanted to try one but never found one telling a coherent tale.

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