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Flight Of The Feathered Serpent: The Three Keys, #3

337 pages5 hours


An old and deadly enemy.
A danger reaching beyond life’s boundaries.
A love destined for all eternity

A silent killer sweeps humanity, consuming its life force, threatening an eternal reign of darkness. After narrowly escaping this shadowy force in the highlands of Scotland, New York psychiatrist Sara Forrester now must pursue her only chance to find the second key—by unlocking the riddles of Mayan myth in the shrouded depths of the Yucatan jungle. As Sara and her team are plunged into a history rooted in magic and mystery, they struggle to find light in the darkest corners of the unfamiliar. The quest risks not just the billions of lives on earth, but also the future Sara longs to keep: union to the man with whom she bonded before either were ever born.

As Sara struggles to secure the powerful keys, however, she realizes that others are seeking to stop her acquiring them. When age-old myths of a lost civilization come to life, so does Sara’s fear that the mystical beings who direct her may also have hidden intentions, and the very entity who set her feet upon this path may also be using her to achieve an unforeseen outcome. And Sara has sworn that no matter who or what may be trying to block her way, she will achieve her vital goal.

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