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‘Robbie, smallest of the litter, was the most appealing. Thus, the Fitzgeraldsdecided not to sell him even though they could’ve used the money. As he grewup, Robbie seemed able to read the thoughts of the denizens he encounteredin the beautiful forests of Sussex County. Tutored by his mother, Robbie loved all lifein his natural environment. Then, to help a runaway boy and a beleaguered woman,he traveled east to more populous areas of the state and, after further adventures there,was taken to New York City and Wall Street. The remainder of the book recounts thefateful trials of his custodian and Robbie’s strenuous and unceasing endeavors to getback to his home, including terrifying experiences with gruesome dog fighting and uglystreet living.”
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781450079792
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