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Voidhawk - Queen of Spiders: Voidhawk, #9

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Voidhawk - Queen of Spiders is the 9th book in the space fantasy series, Voidhawk

Life in the void between stars is never dull. With barely any time between tragic events that left the Voidhawk reeling, a new opportunity for adventure is upon them. A stranded ship with a cargo all the more precious for its unwholesome nature. And Volera, the demon that dreamed she was a woman that dreamed she was something more, has just laid claim to it.

Volera's twice stolen prize is coveted by many, and is soon thrice stolen, prompting a frantic quest to retrieve it. Failure promises not only hardship for the people of Port Trios, but the entire void in years to come.

With darkness and despair looming as the outnumbered and outmatched crew of the Voidhawk sail against the odds again, Dexter's own heart isn't in the fight anymore. The loss of his wife has left a hole in his soul that no prize can fill. Yet a ship needs its captain, and the captain must put aside his grief or it will consume him. And a ship without a captain is no good against a growing fleet of giant intelligent spiders led by a bloodthirsty queen.

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