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Inside the Cheater's Mind

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Inside the Cheater's Mind

Not all cheaters cheat for the same reason. Learn how to Cheat-Proof your marriage.

Dr. Denise Wood, author of Inside the Cheater's Mind: Why He Cheats & Why She Cheats" is the founder and owner of Wood Counseling Services in Shoreview, MN. After seeing so many marriages struggle through difficulties like cheating and lack of communication, Dr. Wood felt the need to write a book to address the topic of infidelity.

Dr. Wood believes that people cheat for different reasons, and understanding why a person cheats can make all the difference in saving a relationship.

"The Cheater's Mind" is a collection of Dr. Wood's original research on the personalities of various cheaters along with scientific research that reveals the situations and motivations that cause individuals in a relationship to cheat on their partners. Several types of cheaters are:

The Impulsive Cheater, the Narcissistic Cheater, the Pathological Cheater, the Charismatic Cheater, the Dependent Cheater, the Puppeteer Cheater, the Sociopathic Cheater, the Abandoned Cheater, the Eternal Youth Cheater, the Emotional Cheater, the Escapist Cheater, the Addictive Cheater, the Bored Cheater, the Down-Low Cheater, and the Quiet Cheater.

Dr. Wood grew up in Grand Forks, N.D. After receiving her Masters Degree in Counseling and Psychology and her Doctoral Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Wood spent several years working for the Minnesota Department of Corrections, which included serving on the hostage negotiations team. Three years ago, Dr. Denise Wood opened her private practice in Shoreview, MN which specializes in marital/relationship counseling, treatment of anxiety and depression, and loss of loved ones.

Dr. Wood has been married to her husband Jim for 17 years, and together they have always made sure to incorporate adventure into the relationship. Dr. Wood's an experienced rock climber, water skier, scuba diver and downhill skier who loves the double-black diamond runs out west. Before the birth of her daughter, Dr. Wood and her husband raced Porsches at Brainerd International Raceway in Brainerd, MN. Dr. Wood believes that having fun in a relationship is key to keeping the relationship healthy and preventing infidelity.

Dr. Wood hopes that "The Cheater's Mind" will give couples the scientific and psychological information they need to help prevent and survive infidelity so they can enjoy healthy and satisfying relationships.

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