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Living at the Speed of Life: Staying in Control in a World Gone Bonkers!

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This is the perfect book for anyone who feels frazzled, overwhelmed, and out of control! It offers no-nonsense, down-to-earth strategies and practical principles for those who have to balance the multiple issues of their career, along with family, community, and personal life as well.

This is not your typical self-improvement text. It is a do-able, practical, easy-to-use guide for daily living. Designed with icons to quickly identify guiding principles, self-development activities, inspirational quotes, questions/answers, research, strategies for your tool kit, stories and illustrations from real life, and items clipped from the news, this book addresses the seven key areas impacted by today’s crazy lifestyle. There are chapters focusing on: Conquering Fear and Doubt; Enjoying Good Physical and Mental Health; Communicating Effectively; Building a Prosperity Consciousness; Creating Joy and Meaning in Your Work; Enriching Interpersonal Relationships; and Transforming Time Robbers.

This book gives you power — the power to create a sense of inner peace and harmony in your life, regardless of the chaos taking place around you. It is designed as a resource rather than a book you read cover-to-cover. You can start anywhere, go anywhere, stop at any time. It is chock full of short but powerful techniques, tools, principles, and inspiration to help you with whatever issues you are facing!

This is also a great resource for leaders to use in their coaching, with lots of great actions they can offer to their mentees and employees. Counselors, teachers, and parents will also find this book a useful tool as they work with the people they care about, guiding them toward growth, maturity, and success.

The search for self-development and inner peace is an on-going journey, filled with huge jumps forward as well as stumbling blocks and detours. It is easy to give up, or worse yet, never even begin. This book is the impetus you need to get started on the journey, and be successful as you grow. Using the techniques in this book, you claim the power to live at the speed of life, and have the skills to stay in control in a world gone bonkers!

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