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Go Ahead, Rock the Boat!: Conversations with Generation Z

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Whether you were born between 1994 and 2010 [Generation Z] or not, you would find value in reading the insightful conversations in this book that spell out their take on important issues affecting humanity today.

Five teenage friends find themselves at odds with their families, culture and social standing. They find solace within their group. Their choices are shaped by changes within the global economy and exposure to cultural diversity, rapid technological development, and the difficulty of cultivating dependable relationships. Together they travel to Israel to embark on a one-month working holiday at the Beit Nir Kibbutz. Here they find a meaningful and consistent home with socially and environmentally responsible values. They socialize with the locals, learning some Hebrew and Arabic, and the history of the Middle East.

After a close call in a terrorist attack, they realize that they do not appreciate their lives enough. The group tests their friendship and evolved sentiments relevant to global social ills affecting mankind and their generation through conversations, by exploring diverse viewpoints, including the impact of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and its similarity to, and divergence from, South Africa's former Apartheid regime. Their search is for new ways to learn from today to better prepare for the future. But there is much more at play here than just creating boundaries between old and new philosophies: in deciphering the enmeshed friendship bond within the troupe, the intention is to engender a metamorphic and ground-breaking leap of mind-sets.

Be assured, tapping into conversations with GenZ will spark big ideas!

Note from the author: It is my sincere hope and wish that schools and colleges will make this book part of their reading studies.

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