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Know You Are Worthy

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Who are we and what are we here for?

This is a book of reflections on why experiencing life with trust in our own self-worth matters. So often we forget that as creations of God we are sacred, and that we are meant to thrive.

We came into the world full of joy and exuberance and trust. Yet now we may feel so much self-doubt, and worry that we are not good enough. This can translate into a feeling of loss we can’t explain. But we were not born that way. Our job in life is to live a life we love, which is how we are able to hold on to that first happiness we felt, and it is still our birthright.

If you are living a life you love, you are able to give a sense of gratitude to everyone you encounter and everything you do. That is what matters most of all. It is what can change the world.

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