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The Abandoned Discussions

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This book is not the typical success handbook seen and sold every day. It is a book that aims at making you successful by challenging your way of doing things. It is a book that wants you to succeed when and where your contemporaries have failed.
You may find some of the discussions attacking on the things you believe in. It is normal. You see it so because those discussions have long been abandoned and the attempt at discussing them is meeting a natural brick wall as is seen with humans. Actually, human beings are among the laziest animals on earth.
This book is meant for the young ones. It is meant for those guiding and molding the young ones into a glorious future. It is meant for the teachers. And by teachers, I mean those who teach the young ones at home and in the various places of learning.
This book will inform you. It will educate you. But most of all, it will go against your beliefs and challenge you into action. But you will only benefit from the contents of the book if you read it with an open mind

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