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Zen Fitness, Tao Health

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What would "Zen dieting" look like? How can it help with mindfulness and mindful eating?

How can the Tao help with the stress of staying consistent through life's vicissitudes, or the challenges of sticking to a workout plan or meal strategy without feeling deprived?

The answer is that both Zen Buddhism and the Tao focus on approaching life as it is, and not necessarily as you want it to be. Both these approaches have strategies that are integral to what the author, Coach Scott Abel, calls getting "real" about getting real.

This short, easy-to-understand book offers a new approach to fitness and the fitness mindset; it advocates approaching all aspects of life with calm, assertive energy. This is how you can approach your diet, your workouts, and the regular real-life stressors and hiccups that inevitably pop up in our busy, day-to-day lives. The book argues that authenticity is the key to peace of mind, and that happiness comes not when we reach such and such a weight or some arbitrary bodyfat percentage, but when we learn to focus on and enjoy the process it takes to get us there. 

Zen Fitness, Tao Health is not a book with exhaustive lists of "acceptable" foods, meal plans or workout regimes; it is a book that suggests adopting a different mindset towards these things. If you've struggled with these things in the past, and you are looking for a different approach, Zen Fitness, Tao Health suggests one.

This book focuses on:

• Fulfillment and achievement
• Zen mind and lessons from child prodigies
• Zen dieting and being mindful
• Blocks to mental clarity
• Authenticity and its relation to peace of mind
• Pure motivation—and its opposite

Get your copy of Zen Fitness, Tao Health. Learn a practical, unique way of approaching the challenges that come alongside fitness and health in the real world.

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