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Dough Faced Dragon: The World Of Fy, #1

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**An Artistic Rendering**
(All of Eri Nelson's work are her own expressive interpretations of words. Hence a great deal of morphological reasoning is broken.)

So my name is Fy, not real impressive I know but hey I am not just my unusual name. I am a dragon killer. Yes, I know you’re laughing thinking this forty something red head is a slayer of dragons with a questionable look upon your face. But hey, it is true.

My life from the outside looking in, I admit, is funny or at least it can be if I were not the one living it (I smirk at the insanity that is my life). Truthfully since you’re destined to be with me as I walk the pages the unorthodox author has bound me in, I am sure you may giggle at my expense.
Like I was saying, I am a dragon killer who has reached a slump or should I say a slow season as to killing dragons. Perhaps it’s the heat of the summer or just a migration of the retched beast to cooler climates but I have found myself amidst a seasonal job to scrounge up my part of the rent money.

My temporary employment, wouldn’t you know it, has me determined to be on the hunt for, you know it, a dragon or what I think is a dragon. Of course, since we are talking about my life, it is not a typical hunt. No, this one is layered in the moldy complications of oven inflamed mounds that left my desire to eat sandwiches the first day I started.

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