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Space Galactic Battles: After the Battles

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SGB After the Battles is a 2 part story taking place after SGB 3: Resurrection of Comets and The Galactic Civil War. In the first act, the galaxy is at peace under the Lylet Federation. James McCloud has an apprentice, and is still dating his girlfriend, Amber Yae. Unknown to the Stari order, a new threat has mobilized. A secret Cometra follower, Count Tanaka and his disciples intend to destroy the stari and take over the galaxy. However, Alexander has a trump card if he should fail to defeat James; the Resurrection of the dreaded Queen of Comets. The fate of the galaxy will hang in the balance again and not all the stari will survive the evil onslaught. In the 2nd act, Kyle Koro and a group called the Separatist Imperial Nation seek to break from the Lylet Federation and form a new government in the East. A war breaks out to determine the future of the galaxy.

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