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What Happens After Life? According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Egyptian Book of the Dead, Emmet Fox, Medicine

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"What happens After Life?" - A question that all of us ask and nobody have a final answer. This does not mean that we can't say anything one we ask: "What happens After Life?". These is actually a lot written on What Happens After Death.

In this book we explore the following:

+ The writings of Emmet Fox on "What happens when we die"
+ The Tibetan Book of the Dead
+ The Egyptian Book of the Dead
+ The San People (inhabitants of Southern Africa) on what happens when we die
+ Bertrand Russel on death in his essay "What I Believe"
+ What Medical Science say happens to the body after death

+ The author shares some of his own experiences with death
+ What people experience during "Ecstatic Seizures" and "Near Death Experiences"
+ Dr. MacDougall and the Weight of the Soul
+ Dr. Rich Strassmann's research with DMT

And a story by Hans Christian Anderson

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