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The Group Sales Playbook: 10 Rules for Succeeding in Group Ticket Sales

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In over a decade of handling group ticket sales for professional sports teams, Matt Mastrangelo learned a lot about how to make a sale. He also learned a few things about how not to make a sale. Along the way, he worked with every type of group—non-profit organizations, youth baseball leagues, churches, unions, and corporations large and small. He organized group outings of all sizes, from 25 to more than 10,000 people. Matt is passionate about group ticket sales—and about helping group sales departments succeed. When they succeed everyone wins: the client, the fans, the team, and the organization. Matt’s goal in writing this book is to help you and your department sell group tickets more effectively. That’s also his goal at Groupmatics, his newly formed company and online group management tool. There’s a chapter on each rule. In every chapter, you’ll find real-life anecdotes, helpful hints, to-do lists, great takeaways, and actionable advice that will help you.

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