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Black January: A SPECRA Files Novel

285 pages4 hours


WELCOME TO THE WADE HOUSE - WHERE THE DOORS OPEN YOU…TO MADNESS - Two years after the Starry Wisdom Church unleashed their dark gods in Boston, Becca Philips is trying to put the events of the Red Equinox behind her. She can almost believe that’s possible until agent Jason Brooks tracks her down in Brazil. Becca has been summoned back to Massachusetts by SPECTRA, the covert agency entrusted with keeping cosmic horrors at bay. Her special perception and skills are requested at the Wade House—an abandoned Victorian mansion with a weird history and even weirder architecture. A transfiguring house of portals to malevolent dimensions. Becca would like to refuse, but Brooks has reason to believe that her absent father may be lost between worlds in the Wade House. As Becca struggles with grief and forgiveness, she joins a team of explorers uniquely suited to decode the secrets of the strange house in the black snow. But what secrets do her companions harbor? And who among them will take theirs to the grave?

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