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Be Real: The Art of Creating Your Exceptionalism: BE REAL, #1

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The Art of Creating Your Exceptionalism presents personal performance concepts and techniques based on generations of mover and shaker mentoring experince. It provides valuable insight for those considering a career in management, or as a development guide for team leaders, supervisors, and managers who wish to improve their effectiveness. We start with the basics of motivating others to support rather than oppose your leadership and management efforts. Career development milestones and personal advancement paths are visited. A discussion of political, bureaucratic, and power grapevine organizational interaction builds understanding that advances your personal career objectives. You will either laugh at or be repulsed by the ridiculousness that creates the need for those who accept responsiblity for others.

You are encourage to investigate BE REAL: The Art of Creating Team Exceptionalism, and BE REAL: The Art of Overcoming Exceptionalism Roadblocks. You may find BE REAL: The Art of Creating Exceptionalism in Modern Business which includes all BE REAL titles by this Author a more cost effective choice. It is a collection of "cheats" in the business game that can refine and accelerate the career of someone who is responsible for others.

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