Perfectly Paleo Exercise: Training Transformation on a Low Carb High Fat Diet

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Perfectly Paleo Exercise: Training Transformation on a Low Carb High Fat Diet

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Here is best way to exercise to maximize the LCHF/Paleo diet!

The Paleo, Ancestral or Low Carb High Fat diet are all variations on a theme: a diet that mimics the nutrition of our hunter-gatherer forebears. A natural diet, consisting of foods found in nature- grass fed meat and game, seafood that is not farmed, free-range eggs, good fats like coconut oil and pastured butter, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits and spices and herbs.

Foods, in short, as God made them! The Paleo smoothie described here makes eating these real foods easy to incorporate into your diet on a daily basis!

What the Paleo diet does NOT consist of defines it even more: MAN made foods, like genetically modified grains, processed foods, refined sugars and corn syrup, soy products, industrial seed oils like margarine and soybean oil- you get the idea! These are foods engineered by MAN, and not at all what we are really meant to eat and THRIVE on.

What this book really focuses on, however, is on natural, paleo-types of exercises- visualized resistance, self-resistance, bodyweight exercises-

Naturally, and without need for a gym membership or expensive machines, or huge racks of weights that build "bulk", and only build fitness itself as a sometimes byproduct.

The exercises are explained, and demonstrated via links to videos that make it easy to do yourself. With these exercises, and by eating a natural paleo diet,
incredible health and vitality can be yours!

There are dozens of Paleo types of recipe books out now...many are valuable.
But in terms of exercise, the default has been to "lift heavy weights" in the Paleo community. This book addresses that deficiency in paleo methodology, and gives an alternative that is not only healthier, but more efficient in producing a natural, symmetrical, healthy physique for men and women of all ages!
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