There’s Rosemary…There’s Rue

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There’s Rosemary…There’s Rue

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars4/5 (4 ratings)
Length: 535 pages8 hours


In 1935 a book called PERFUME FROM PROVENCE was published which instantly became a bestseller, rocketing its gentle, charming author almost overnight to fame and success. The book, telling of Sir John and Lady Fortescue’s life in Provence, also gave tantalising glimpses of what had gone before and, finally, after Sir John’s death, Lady Fortescue wrote the full story of her life and most particularly of her meeting and marriage with John Fortescue.

Here is the fascinating, nostalgic recreation of another era, of her excitement as an actress before WWI, of her meeting with the man she was to marry, and of their first home together in Windsor Castle during the reign of King George V and Queen Mary. Many famous names of the times drift across her pages which are warm, witty, and altogether delightful.

This is the story of the woman behind PERFUME FROM PROVENCE.
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