Arthur the artist: Be the magic you are

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Arthur the artist: Be the magic you are

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Length: 94 pages


A perfect tale for every child who adores animals and loves nature. Arthur is a young lion who lives in the
jungle together with his mother and father. This lion is very different from all the other lions in the jungle
– he loves to paint. While the other lions of his age go out hunting, he prefers to stay home and create marvelous paintings on his easel. But the rest of the pride didn’t see Arthur’s talent as a blessing. Instead, it was more like a thorn in their flesh. All of Arthur’s friends made fun of him. Even his parents turned
against him. They thought he was a weak lion because he didn’t always behave according to the lion’s code of conduct. Luckily, he had one true friend – Lilly the antelope. She stood by his side through thick and thin and always encouraged him to paint with all his heart. Just like Arthur, we sometimes have to rise above our
traditions and follow our hearts. Being the magic you are!

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