Hooked! Part I: Hooked, #1

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Hooked! Part I: Hooked, #1

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Kammille was trying not to draw attention to how anxious she was for the weekly meeting she attended at the Chamber of Commerce to be over. She usually looked forward to them because it gave her a chance to network and get the name of her growing catering business out. It also got her out of the house these days.

Since her breakup almost a year ago with the man she had been certain he was going to marry, she’d focused on little else but business. She rarely left the house unless it was to attend a networking event, or go for a quick run around her neighborhood or in the park close to her home.

But since she’d returned from Miami a few days ago, flashes of how thoroughly she’d been ravaged by the handsome sports agent conquered her every waking second. His tongue had been like a human vibrator, thrusting in and out of her so expertly it had made her bones go numb when she exploded in orgasm after orgasm.

He’d been such a masterful maestro over her body, granting Kammille her every wish – and then some. His hands molded her body like clay, knowing just where to touch to make her whimper, moan … and beg. Yes, she’d begged. Begged to be licked here, sucked there, driven into harder, held longer.

Pride had gone the way of her panties and the rest of her normal inhibitions – away, away and away. Where? She didn’t know and she hadn’t cared for those precious hours she’d been in his arms.

When her business partner – and best friend, Liza – had inquired about how her trip was, Kammille had turned in an Oscar-winning performance, responding, “I spent most of my time in bed.” Not so much as a smirk or a smile had even flitted across her features.

“Good,” Liza sighed. “You’ve been working like a madwoman since things went south with Omar. Even though your trip was cut short, I’m glad you at least got a change of scenery. Hopefully it gave you some space to reflect on the way things turned out with him so you can get on with the business of moving on.”

“Oh, it did. It definitely did. You’ve been right all along, a getaway was exactly what I needed, even though it was a quickie,” Kammille agreed.

What she didn’t say was that the time away had nothing to do with putting things into perspective with her ex, but how she’d spent that time – and with whom, and it would remain her little secret.

Even though things had taken an unexpected turn after their night of passion and she was embarrassed to admit it – even to herself – she didn’t regret it. Her only misgiving was that she’d never look into those cool grey eyes again. She shouldn’t even want to after the way he’d treated her after, but lord help her, she did.

Forget him Kammille, she berated herself for the umpteenth time since returning from Miami. You’ll never see him again – and you should be thanking your lucky stars for that!

But fate was a cunning witch. She always had different plans.

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