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Guilty as Sin

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"I love the dry wit of Teller's work. Nelson Demille meets Turow or Grisham!"—Goodreads review of Overkill

A Jaywalker Case: Book 4 (originally published in 2011)

It was a court-appointed case, and Jaywalker knew going in that his client was guilty of the drug deal he’d been arrested for. But there are degrees of guilt, as Jaywalker knew all too well from personal experience. Sometimes people made the wrong move for the right reason, and it was the degree of Alonzo Barnett’s guilt that would drive Jaywalker’s defense strategy.

If that strategy failed, Alonzo, an otherwise-redeemed ex-con, would be back in prison for years. And that was an outcome Jaywalker couldn’t stomach, not when his belief in his client was unshakable and the right verdict could lead to redemption for them both.

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