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How To Draw Fantasy Art

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Fantasy is a fun niche to draw for. It gives you the liberty to draw people and animals, as well as outlandish characters only your imagination can provide.

Have you ever wanted to draw a dragon? How about a village witch? Have you ever privately wanted to create a truly fearless Elven Warrior? How to Draw Fantasy Characters delivers these individuals directly into your hands.

With How to Draw Fantasy Characters, you’ll:

• Discover the appeal of charcoal and graphite drawings
• Find out how to sketch simple outlines for your elves and faeries
• Understand how to manipulate basic structures into new and outlandish creatures
• Explore the far reaches of your mind to create fantastical creatures
• Use everyday creatures, such as cats, to draw the sometimes-feline appearance of dragons
• Discover confidence as you overcome your fear of misshapen lines
• Learn the skills you’ve been wanting through these step-by-step tutorials
• Astonish your friends!
• Enjoy your budding reputation as “that amazing fantasy artist”
• Use your art to create personal birthday cards, posters, and gifts for family and friends

Each chapter is arranged in a simple structure. Starting with basic figure drawing, you’ll create step-by-step mannequins that you’ll soon be able to manipulate into different postures and positions. With the help of our How-To guide, your prowess as a fantasy artist is well on its way!

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