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Children Without Faces: Wards of the Thicket, #1

280 pages4 hours


One more death shouldn't matter.

In the Roughlands, you can die a thousand different ways. In the town of Cold Harbor, between the cursed forest, the dark cliffs, and the wild and bitter sea: double that amount. 

But twelve-year-old Toby refuses to accept this when his own little brother mysteriously vanishes from the cellar of their own home. 

Even when the search takes Toby to the Thicket, a tangle of slums that Cold Harbor prefers to forget ...and to rumors of demonic magic. 

Dark in tone and vivid in storytelling, Children Without Faces holds readers long into the night.

Erik Marshall weaves fantasy and suspense in this dark coming-of-age series. It will grip your heart...and keep the pages turning.

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