Theologia Germanica
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The "Theologia Germanica" is both an instructional and devotional work that was written in Germany around the mid-14th century. Although the author is anonymous, and perhaps associated with the "Friends of God," it is very clearly a deeply Christian writing that preceded the beginning of the Reformation by more than a century. The "Theologia Germanica" has appeared in many editions and languages over its 600-year history, and has taken its place beside the "Imitation of Christ," in literature of devotion.

In this Modern English Edition of the "Theologia Germanica" from Scriptoria Books, most obsolete, archaic, and poetic words have been edited and replaced with modern equivalents. The grammar and syntax of Susanna Winkworth's original translation from the German manuscript, have been preserved. This creates an edition that is true to the composition of the original translation, while providing a more-modern easier-reading text.
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