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Paranormal Romance Collection: Phantom Lover, Intergalactic Affair, Love Immortal

517 pages8 hours


A brooding vampire, a spaceman from another galaxy, and a sexy phantom find love in the mortal world. Enjoy this 3 volume paranormal set and discover worlds of emotion, adventure, passion...and how these hunky other-worldly men satisfy their women! 


"Love knows no boundaries..."

Ian Holt: An illustrious architect and confirmed bachelor in life. An earth-bound and sexually frustrated spirit in death.

Paige Stanfield: An up-and-coming artist searching for peace and someday love, though one person stands in the way: Her violent ex-husband.

When Paige moves into Ian's Monterey Peninsula home five years after Ian's death, he thinks he may have found his destiny. But how can a spirit and mortal woman become lovers? And how will he protect Paige when her ex-husband comes seeking revenge?

Phantom Lover is a dramatic and sensual story where breaking all the rules of here and the hereafter are a must.


Krista made a vow to avoid men at all costs, until a sexy spaceman lands in her life.

After a car accident that killed her cheating fiance and left her physically and emotionally scarred, Krista Roberts puts her modeling career on hold, hoping to find elusive peace by living a rustic life in the Arkansas Ozarks.

Her vow of avoiding men quickly changes when JT, a sexy spaceman from another galaxy, crash lands on Earth and into her life. Together they discover love and feelings that are alien to them both, all the while trying to keep JT from being captured by government agents.


For three centuries Theron Ambrose has avoided falling in love since giving away his heart means giving up his immortality, but when he accidentally runs someone down with his car, he discovers it to be the very woman he had avoided all of these years. His fantasy. His fate.

Feeling that it was his duty to help her heal, he takes her home with him, refusing to admit that he was oh, so curious and wanting to tempt fate just a bit. Why did she haunt him so? Soon, Theron discovers that an eternal life isn't nearly as satisfying as the thought of making Leah Nolan his.

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