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Romance Collection: Best Friends Better Lovers, Bound To The Night, Passionate Promises

414 pages6 hours


What do a weightlifter, a biker, and a rancher have in common? They're all sexy hunks with haunted pasts! Watch as these tough yet tender heroes come up against women that know how to handle them--in and out of the bedroom! 

BEST FRIENDS BETTER LOVERS (Kelly's all-time best seller year after year!)

Trevor Scott and Lil Campbell have been best friends since childhood and both have come to terms that they will forever remain single. Lil is fast approaching thirty and decides to become a single mother, though she needs a “donor.”

After talking things over with Trevor and thinking of everyone they can and declaring nobody suitable enough, Trevor offers his services. What starts out as a “business only” baby-making project, soon turns into days and nights of wild passion they never knew they could share.

Lil, always the logical and stable one, wonders if getting pregnant by Trevor was such a good idea since she now wants him in the husband and father role as well. But will Trevor let his haunted past destroy any chance at a happy family life?


"Sexy and sizzling! A wonderful page-turner that delves into the minds and lives of two people and how their pasts haunt them...and how love heals all wounds."
He lives a solitary existence:

After finding out the woman he loved was having an affair and the man who brutally attacked him was her lover, Draiper Sinclair chose to live a solitary, nocturnal life. Never again would he open himself up to love or passion. That is, until his neighbor Violet Kincaid comes over to borrow a little sugar. After just one meeting he knows he’ll never be able to resist her.

She's seeking excitement:

Tired of hiding behind her Miss Perfect persona and dateless nights, Violet Kincaid yearns for excitement and introduces herself to the mysterious man who lives next door. What she didn’t expect was an instant attraction that changes her life forever and has her craving this dark stranger’s touch.

Together they share heated nights and fevered fantasies:

Despite Draiper’s best attempts to avoid the lure Violet has over him and to keep his past buried, they soon become lovers. All too quickly their heart’s become involved and each must make the choice to lay their pasts to rest and claim true love or resist emotional surrender and settle for solitude.


Burning Passion 

Cole Walker is back in town and that means two things to Rachel: She'll do anything to get the sexy rancher-turned-sheriff back in her bed and make him her temporary husband. 

They'd been together years ago and she'd never met another man who could fill her with such hot desire--and she's aching for a repeat. But, he'd proposed once before, she ran scared, and he left town. 

Fierce Promises 

Rachel's greedy father has owned every business in Hidden Falls but now that he's on his deathbed she'll be sole heir. She made an oath to herself that she'd give the small town back to the people, the only catch is, she needs a husband--quick! 

Cole agrees to Rachel's plan, knowing this short-term marriage is for a good cause. Besides, he can't deny that reuniting with Rachel Loftin as lovers is too exciting to pass up, but will their plan work? In the end, will they face their fears and make this marriage of convenience work, or will they part ways once again?

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