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The Mechanic: Book 1 of 'Mrs. Makepeace - Hotwife Adventures'

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Mrs. Makepeace is the hotwife alter-ego of a British lady who lives in the USA. She's married to a wealthy American man, yet enjoys sex and many extramarital affairs. There is no shortage of willing partners because her ripe, voluptuous figure attracts men like bees to honey. This book sees her with a young mechanic who takes her fancy.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

I heard the thunk of the car door and, a few seconds later, the door bell sounded its chime.

Using the button on the handset I unlocked the door. Spoke into it the mouthpiece. Told Paul to come in and close the door behind him.

His shout came up the stairs not long after.

“Hey!” I heard. “Hello? Mrs. Makepeace…? I’ve got the keys. To the car,” he added. “I’ve left it out front right there. Is that okay?”

I examined myself in the mirror. There wasn’t a lot of clothing to check, a very brief and ragged pair of Daisy Dukes which were little more than a scrap of denim belt around my hips with a black bikini on top. My hair was loose, the blonde waves way down past my shoulders while my lipgloss glistened in the afternoon light. In the style of Barbara Bach, the original Daisy, I was wearing high heels, their height putting tension on my calves in a way I thought really made my already long legs look even better.

“Oh, God,” I breathed, nervous.

It doesn’t matter how many years have passed, how many men I’ve been with, it’s always a buzz when it’s a new one.

“Hello? Mrs. Makepeace!” Paul called again.

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