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The Caller - Part 9

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A story about horniness, obedience, and the secret ties between women.

Tabby stared at me wide-eyed, the same shocked expression almost every woman would get on her first Calling. Quietly, she pulled a smooth, pearl-coloured vibrator from her handbag, looking around embarrassed when Sheryl got up to give her more room on the sofa they both were sitting on. Tabby sat down, laying on her back, running the almost pointy tip of the toy between her legs, turning it on high.

A loud buzz was the only noise we heard as we all watched fascinated while the young woman ran the white stick along her slit, parting her shaved pussy slightly to run it tighter across her clit. She gasped, breathing harder in short, shallow bursts, her body shaking slightly from excitement.

"Tell her she's not allowed to come," Missy suddenly whispered in my ear.

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