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The Caller - Part 10

13 pages10 minutes


A story about horniness, obedience, and the secret ties between women.

“You stupid bitch,” I hissed again, pulling at her hair this time, grabbing her blouse with my other hand, tearing at her collar. “You stupid little dirty cow! You want to get punished, yes? You want to get it rough?”

With both hands, I ripped her blouse apart, tearing it open at the front and then pulling it halfway down her back until she could barely move her arms. Her small breasts were perky with excitement, her nipples harder than I had ever seen.

I pulled open a drawer and took out a roll of packaging string, and with some difficulty tied it around her breasts so tight they turned slightly blue. “There you go,” I said finally, slapping across her nipples. “Stupid cow has some udders now, too. Now bend over!” I commanded.

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