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The Caller - Volume I

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This collected edition contains all 7 chapters of the first 6 parts of the Caller Series in one volume.

In my line of work my phone is ringing constantly. It's my most important business tool, and so I don't spend much thought about when or where to answer it - it's a natural reflex. So when one day, I was out early to prepare a house for a potentially interested couple, I got a call from an undisclosed number, I wasn't very surprised by it; it happens all the time.

"Hi," said a female voice on the other end of the line. "So, where were we?"

"Hi," I replied, pausing for a moment to think who it might be that called. Did I forget an appointment? Was there a conversation that got interrupted?

Before I could say anything else, the voice continued: "Ah right. You were going to tell me how wet you are."


"The Caller" is Jocy's first novel. It garnered a considerable following and is for the first time published as a comprehensive volume. It is planned to be a three-part series with part two already under production. The book explores female sexuality and relationships openly, intimately and shockingly explicit.

More than writing this story, Gayheart would love to encourage women of all ages to embrace their sexuality and be comfortable with themselves and their bodies. Hopefully, The Caller will be a stepping stone toward that goal.

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