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This Heart of Yours

Length: 982 pages13 hours


Growing up in a family of storytellers, Verena never believed in the tale of the Heartless Lord. Until the day she comes face to face with him. He was supposed to be a fictitious character in her sisters’ stories, not the man who offers to save her father’s life at the cost of hers. But how can she trust the man with the reputation of ripping out the heart of anyone who crosses his path? She vows never to lose her heart to him. Lord Isaac was a cursed man. When he encounters Verena, he discovers the strength and purity of her heart to be the key to his freedom and revenge. In order to execute his plan, he slowly lures Verena into his embrace. Seducing her comes naturally. Resisting her allure proves more difficult than he imagined. As their love timidly starts to blossom, a dark shadow looms in the distance, aiming to destroy their newfound happiness. Will Verena successfully save Isaac from his curse, or will she become just another victim of Lord Isaac the Heartless?

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