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If You Can Sell Software, You Can Sell Anything!

Length: 324 pages3 hours


How do you increase your commission checks and maintain stability through each market cycle? Every individual working in sales today and those desiring work in the lucrative and fast-paced world of sales, regardless of the industry, asks these questions. You achieve this through constant improvement of your skills. Sharpening your sales skills helps you become more productive. Being more productive helps you grow your sales pipeline, increase the amount of revenue booked and reduce the time-to-revenue.

From a company standpoint, there is far too much turnover in the ranks of sales, which is a constant problem for revenue growth. Turnover has many roots and can be alleviated with a greater emphasis on training and development, consistent process, setting proper expectations, and better communication. This book outlines how your organization can become better in each of these areas...

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