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Castle Creep: A Crypt Full of Horror Stories

Length: 143 pages2 hours


BEAST IN THE MAZE, is about an archaeologist hired by a mysterious Greek billionaire as a spelunker.DEARLY DEPARTING VAMPIRE LOVER, is about two of the last vampires on earth.CREATING A WOMAN - A man finds a book of spells under his house while he’s cleaning out some trash.VAMPIRE – A sick woman meets a vampire & turns out feeling much better at the end of the encounter, but it’s not what you think...WEREWOLF CLUB - A woman is out for some Summer fun before college.DUDE, YOUR FANGS ARE HUGE – A woman dates a werewolf & doesn’t realize it.A WOLF IN HUMAN CLOTHING is about what happens when things get out of control in a store dressing room when a man that a woman is about to have intimacy with, changes into something entirely non-human.DUDE, YOUR FANGS ARE HUGE, is the story of a woman who meets someone new, & they hit it off – until she hears something in the kitchen that evening.MAKING OVER THE HAIRY BEAST is the wry story of a woman who likes a young werewolf, but only when he has transformed.

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