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Basement Bargain Price Leafs for Sale

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Where is the passion for the playing of the game, the quality of play and the proudness of achieving the Stanley Cup? I must admit that every era of hockey has faults, corruption, integrity, pleasures, success and defeats. For me it is the illusion of a child’s imagination of what the game meant that is lost.
Currently, attention to hockey has been the status of jokes, that the Leafs will never win the Stanley Cup again. Yet fans of the Leafs are steadfast and true. Imagine the bragging rights of true fans if the Leafs succeeded. Not one to be boisterous I would be one to root for the underdog and be pleased to see the Leafs win.
Headlines blossomed when the end of the Twenty-twelve regular season left the Leafs at the bottom of the basement in points. A frustrated owner, when bombarded with innuendoes, sneered. A mad dog’s growl and foaming jowls silenced the bravest person when the Leafs’ owner, Mr. Smithe sputtered a marketable quote.
"Basement bargain price, Leafs for sale!”

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