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The Habron Legacy - The Flight of the Constellation

Length: 266 pages4 hours


Captain Windomar Standt never fully expected to guide his people to a new world. To fulfill a prophecy, the advanced Habron civilization, and their blue-water world, came to an end at the hands of a few select citizens.
Alone and on their own, Windomar, his loyal crew, and the one million survivors embarked on a four year journey to a new and uninhabited planet.
The Constellation, a prophecy-born ship of salvation, will be their home. The 14 mile long ship is big enough to mix with the never-ending starfield.
Unfortunately, even in the future, nothing is assured. Windomar will have to make the hard decisions required of a true leader. New races, new peoples, will become clients as the Habron, and the Regin, take their place in the world of interstellar trade and manufacturing.
This is a story of adventure, a story of hope, and one of tragedy. Windomar will grow with the help of his old friends, his new friends, and those of an ancient machine race.
Written for all ages.

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