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A Simple Guide To Bartholin Cyst, Diagnosis, Treatment And Related Conditions

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Bartholin cyst is an acute medical disorder that causes cystic inflammation of the Bartholin gland at the vulva region in females.
Bartholin Gland is located behind the bulb of the vestibule which is the erectile tissue of the female.
These glands are found on each side at 4 and 8 o’clock positions of the vaginal opening.
When stimulated the bartholin gland which is covered by the erectile tissue (the bulb of the vestibule) will produce a mucoid discharge through a 2 cm duct opening in the vaginal orifice lateral to the hymen.
This mucoid discharge acts as a lubricant during the sexual act.
Bartholin cyst occurs when the duct is blocked and forms a painless cyst occurring in the lower half of the vulvar wall.
Normally only 1 bartholin gland is affected, rarely two at the same time.
If infection is present an acute abscess results.
Bartholin abscess is the buildup of pus that forms a lump (swelling) in one of the Bartholin glands.
Bartholin cyst and abscess can be normally produced by the following:
1. When the duct of the Bartholin gland is blocked by dirt or dead cell or injury.
The fluid which is produced by the gland then cause the gland to swell and forms a painless cyst occurring in the lower half of the vulvar wall.
2. A Bartholin abscess happens when a cyst becomes infected by a number of bacteria.
These bacterial organisms may be:
a. Sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and Chlamydia
b. Escherichia coli and other bacteria normally found in the intestinal tract
Diagnosis is the painful swelling of the labia on one side, near the entrance to the vagina
A painful swollen and red lump suggests that an abscess has formed
Treatment of Bartholin cyst or abscess involves the following:
1. Small Bartholin’s cyst:
Sitz baths
Soaking in warm water four times a day
2. Recurrent cysts or painful abscess
a. Antibiotics
b. Sitz baths
3. Bartholin’s abscesses and cysts that is large and painful
a. Incision and drainage of the abscess
b. Another surgery called marsupialization creates a small, permanent opening to help the gland drain
c. Excision
This procedure requires excision of the Bartholin gland and surrounding tissue.
This produce scarring and is seldom done.

Chapter 1 Bartholin Cyst
Chapter 2 Causes
Chapter 3 Symptoms
Chapter 4 Diagnosis
Chapter 5 Treatment
Chapter 6 Prognosis
Chapter 7 Vulvitis
Chapter 8 Vagina Fistula

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