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The Only GOOD Terrorist...

Length: 309 pages4 hours


Australian Police Detectives D.I. Jim Murnaghan and D.I. Briny Rayner are sent from their Canberra Headquarters to the Midlands of England to investigate the rash of paranormal sightings and events that are taking place and seem to be becoming daily occurrences. These psychic events have become allied with serious crimes, in the forms of murders, injuries, and arsons and British Police do not have the experience to deal with this type of criminal psychic phenomena. The two Detectives find themselves involved then with battling these crimes and the perpetrators not only on the spiritual level but also with firearms, bombs, and suicide bombers. The detectives are assisted with the paranormal problems by D.I. Murnaghan's aunt, a Sennachie in Ireland, who advises them via Skype, who also keeps a lookout for their safety with the members of her mysterious group, 'The Guardians'.

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