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Plane Truth

Length: 266 pages3 hours


A huge question mark hangs over what happened in America on September 11, 2001. Conspiracy theories are rife, and the official doesn't hold up to scrutiny. Joab Rackham, an investigative journalist, sets out to discover what happened to the passengers of the four flights that fateful day. What he uncovers rocks him to the core. Joab's investigation attracts the attention of the FBI, which sends an agent to pose as his researcher. The journalist, oblivious to her real agenda, allows her to help him with his research. He discovers New damning evidence that paints a whole different picture to that of the official story. Each new lead takes him closer to the fate of those passengers. Joab learns things the FBI desperately wants keep hidden, and who will go to any lengths to stop this knowledge from being revealed in the public domain.

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