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Project: Wormwood

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Jake Connelly is a prominent attorney in LA fervently working on a capital murder case. He's certain his client, Tom McGuire is innocent, but evidence at the crime scene says he's not. With the odds of winning stacked against him he's hit with a forced vacation. The government is shutting down the electrical grids for a week to try to save them from a powerful solar flare, or so they say.

Jake finds out from his sister Marlene that the satellites are carrying a chemical called Project Wormwood. It was invented to thwart terrorists, eating at the brain until all that's left is mush. The victim lasts long enough to go into an insane rage killing anyone and anything in their reach.

The main satellite is in the direct path of the solar flare. It's hit starting a domino effect. Fireballs fall from the sky striking the earth with devastating impact leaving behind an inferno and smoke bursting with madness.
Jake's neighbors die, terror proliferates at every corner. He's crazy with worry trying to protect his daughter Dana, housekeeper Sara, and Elijah, his best friend's foster son.

Soldiers arrive just in the nick of time, but Project Wormwood has got to them. A horrific war ensues killing all but Jake and his small troop of followers. Sarah dies by Jake's own hand.

Escaping with his daughter and Elijah they attempt to find his sister Marlene in Washington. All is well until they stop for gas and run into Hank Sturgis, the Los Angeles DA. He offers them a safe place to stay. Jake agrees to the offer only to find out how corrupt the world was before the deadly chaos and Project Wormwood fell from the heavens.

Will he survive? Read Project Wormwood and find out.

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