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Q&A With Your Husband's Mistress

Q&A With Your Husband's Mistress

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Q&A With Your Husband's Mistress

5/5 (1 rating)
37 pages
26 minutes
Oct 29, 2016


I know that being a former mistress is not something I pride myself in. That's an ugly title for an ugly thing with uglier results.
I was lucky, I never got caught. Or maybe it's not luck, just more torment. Check this book out if you feel like this could/has been/will be/is your husband. This is the darker Q&A of the affair with the other woman.
Oct 29, 2016

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Q&A With Your Husband's Mistress - Mistress X


Mrs. Stepford’s out there

I’d like to tell you a little about me and what I do

I was your husband’s mistress, and until recently

I would fuck your husband about 3-4 times a week

I know, I know. You’re shocked.

I couldn’t possibly be talking about your husband

He is wonderful, a true saint

Guess again, he’s not

Oh, you are wonderful, he’d never cheat on you

You may be, but he would still come fuck me

And why?

I’m not prettier than you

I’m not smarter

I’m not wiser

We don’t share the same hopes, the same dreams

We don’t talk about the future and growing old together

In fact, we hardly talk at all, yet we talk about everything

We stay up fucking each other


He says things to me he would never dream of saying to you

He does things to me he would never dream of doing to you

He makes my toes curls doing things to me he’s never done to you

And why

Why would he choose me over you?

Why would he want to come to my house instead of going straight home?

I will tell you why

Because he can

And I let him

I let him do whatever he wants

And whatever he wants, I will do

You wouldn’t dream of giving him head in the car

Or fucking your ass?

Guess what, he doesn’t fantasize about it being you anymore

Because I will do it

And I love it

You may be Mr. & Mrs. Stepford

But I am Mistress X

I’ll tell you a little more about me and him and how we became us.

And if you’re hoping that this is made up

Or that this isn’t your husband

It is.

Sorry to be so brass

You and I have met before

At his work

And I smiled and made small talk

While your husband sat watching

Sweating bullets

I didn’t blink an eye

Or bat my eyes

You probably thought of me as a sweet girl

If you only knew how sweet I was when he licked whipped cream off me

You probably thought I wasn’t a threat

Technically, I’m not

I don’t want to marry your man

I don’t want to worship your man


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