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Burger Van: A horror anthology

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This project was designed to raise funds for the International Animal Rescue, who specialise in the conservation and protection of species all over the world. I wanted to do something to help and thought a free to download anthology whereby we would ask the potential customer to donate the money they would have paid for the book to donate it to the charity instead was a good way to do it. Of course, it wasn’t something I could do alone, and so I approached my fellow authors, friends and colleagues from the community of dark fiction writers for help. The response was overwhelming as was the support. Without them, this simply wouldn’t have been possible and I can’t thank them enough. All of the authors involved in this project have waived any fees for the work they have submitted, a sign of their generosity and willingness to take part in such a worthwhile project. This book is NOT to be paid for. It is completely free. We, the authors, instead collectively ask that if you choose to download a copy of the book you will donate whatever amount you feel the book is worth directly to the International Animal Rescue either by following the link to the just giving page below or directly.

The horror community is one in which there is much stigma attached, and I hope this project goes to show that behind the dark themes of the included works, we really are a nice bunch of people. With that said, there are a lot of cracking stories for you to delve into so I will delay you no further. Here are the links to the just giving page for the International Animal Rescue as well as a link to their website. Also, consider checking out the works of the authors involved in this project and maybe buying as book or two. I truly hope you enjoy reading this and donate generously to the charity.

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