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Beyond the Laurel Patch: Beyond

337 pages5 hours


While investigating a mysterious disappearance of a little girl in Yellowstone Park, L.A. Private Investigator Luke Gilroy, and his team stumbles upon a serial killer case in Yosemite National. Could the two cases somehow be linked? Why is the park covering up the killings? When DNA evidence leads to a positive ID of the killer, instead of going to the FBI, Luke decides to get a taste of the big time and plans to stalk and apprehend the killer he now calls Sierra Sam.

Schoolteacher Danni Ford is lured to Yosemite Park by her new beau (the killer) that she met on Facebook. But through a carefully devised game of subterfuge and covert planning, Ford and Sierra Sam have no clue that Gilroy and his investigators are monitoring their every move--just waiting for the right time to nab their man...

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