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46 Cavity Preventing Meal Recipes: Strengthen Your Teeth and Your Oral Health By Eating Nutrient Packed Foods

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We brush twice a day, we floss daily, we rinse our mouth with mouthwash. But what about food? There is a high probability that the secret to healthy teeth can be found in the refrigerator!
In order to prevent cavities and to maintain a beautiful smile, you need to take into consideration your diet, what you eat, and how often do you eat. You will be surprised to see that the changes will start right after you eat certain foods!
In daily life, our teeth have a lot of enemies such as sticky snacks, sugary sodas, treats and much more. Lucky for us, there are foods that prevent tooth decay.
It may be a real challenge to maintain a cavity free mouth. Some studies show that over 92% of adults between 20 and 64 have had cavities in their permanent teeth.
Include these recipes in your daily diet and you should see major changes happening in no time!

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