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55 Arthritis Meal Recipes to Help Reduce Pain and Discomfort: Natural Meal Remedies for Arthritis That Work

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There are 100 million forms of arthritis and the most common one is  osteoarthritis, as a result of a trauma, infection of the joint or age. In order to prevent arthritis or to reduce its effects, a healthy diet is required. A lot of fruits, vegetables, fat in fish and nuts. These foods represent an amazing army of inflammation fighters. Moreover, your weight will be under control: for every one pound of weight you lose, the load on your knee joint will be reduced by 4 pounds.
It is important to keep in mind that there is no magic trick to get rid of arthritis, but a healthy diet will certainly help fight inflammation and joint pain, strenghten bones and boost your immune system.
Many of these ingredients recommended for people with arthritis can be found in Mediterranean diets, that contain olive oil, fish and vegetables. Also, Vitamin C needs to be included in your diet.

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