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Poetry has been a way of expressing the inner feelings I've had about my unusual life. I was disfigured as an infant by a burning kerosene lamp, resulting in years of reconstructive surgery and a life apart from my family, being adopted by cousins. I feel like the phoenix that rises from the flames.The StareWhat hurts one so about a stare..The look that puts one on a pin,That stabs your heart without a careSo curious lust is satisfiedWith rape of eyes that probes each pore,Intruding with relentlessness,The questioning that crawls like wormsOver every inch of skin?You want to run away and hide; Instead you sit there, humbly, sore, Aching with defenselessness. It's you the victim, you who squirms, Yours the deficiency, the sin.The animal instincts serve us yet,The pecking order still is here.The rational mind makes us forgetHow thin indeed the polite veneer.Anniversary SongThese were the happiest years I've lived,The seven we've been together.The storms were fewAnd in betweenWas a rainbow of life,Every hueOf fun and joy and calm delight...So many moments I know not whetherI could choose the bestFor comparison would beggarThe richness and warmth of all the rest.We've drunk from a cup so fullThat few there are that know its measure.These poems reflect my inner life, its moments of inspiration and occasional despair "but of such is life in its fullest measure." (quote from "Realization").
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