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Build Your Body In 1 Month: a Detailed One Month Fitness Plan

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A few years ago, I was forced by my Aunt to go for a fashion show. I wasn’t much into fashion but I did not want to disappoint her cause I promised to. Unknowing to me, it was an event that changed my life.
So my life. I was a chubby looking second year college student with just two friends, so you know college wasn’t quite as I planned it. Out of reluctance I went for this show. Was on the sit next to my Aunt as the models displayed on the runway, I wasn’t really watching cause as I said I wasn’t a big fan of fashion shows but despite this fact something amazing caught my attention. It was one of the models as he displayed, His outfit wasn’t so different from the others but the fit was amazing and out of the fact that I wasn’t even concentrating, it caught my eyes. It then came to me that for a very long time, I had dreamed of others having that same feeling I had on that chair that faithful day when they placed their eyes on me, having the perfect shape, the perfect body, the perfect fit that makes people unsure of themselves.
Made up my mind, chased my dreams and got the perfect shape.
Working out for years to know what works, Figuring what’s best, going through the thick and thin, I figured out you don’t have to do that too, cause everyone has an equal right to their dreams of having a perfect body. So I compiled this detailed one month workout and nutritional routine, with pictorial illustration presenting all you would need to gain this dream shape. I have also made it easier by scheduling a training chart for your Day 1 to 30...Don’t Worry, there are breaks in between but never the less, you have to be ready to make this happen cause I am!
“Build your Body in one month” contains
•Detailed full-kitted exercises ranging from the abs to the biceps, triceps, chest, shoulder, trap, lat, lower back, quad and calf.
•Basic Nutritional meal plans that supplements this exercises, giving you your desired body in one month.
•Analysis to understand your body to knowing which exercises best fit.
•With trainings flexibly home based to fit your work, school or business time frame.
All with the aim of giving you that dream shape in One Month.

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