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The Princelings of the East Books 1-3

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A time tunnel, a pirate king, a lost city. In three separate adventures, Princelings Fred and George set out to solve trifling problems, and uncover dangerous and sometimes desperate foes, each with his or her own agenda, threatening the peace of the Realms.

The Princelings of the East: the saga starts with Fred and George leaving their cosy Castle in the Marsh. They encounter the mysterious cola vendor Hugo, the playboy Prince Lupin, and the over-worked innkeeper Victor, and have to use their own wits to decide who to trust, and how to prevent their ordered society descending into chaos.
The Princelings and the Pirates sees our heroes setting out to discover what has gone wrong at Castle Dimerie - a simple errand that ends in kidnap, shipwreck, and a battle in which no quarter is given.

The Princelings and the Lost City introduces George to the delights of flying, and Fred to the tortures of true love. Their inventions and experiments take a back seat as the puzzle of the Lost City and its all-female society lead to questions that may be too difficult to solve.

And having experienced a time paradox in the first adventure, George is under pressure to achieve a new method of providing the world with energy from strawberry juice. It's a project that, for all the benefits it brings, creates far-reaching changes in their ordered society.

Praise for the books

"Princelings of the East is a suspense-filled mystery strong on character development, with a deliciously complex and engaging plot, that is sure to be enjoyed by older tweens and adults alike." (Mother Daughter Book Reviews)

"The plot is absolutely brilliant. It's sci-fi mixed with mystery and action, and I would recommend it to everyone!!!!" (Joshua A, aged 13, for Published Bestsellers)

"Another hazardous adventure, complete with swashbuckling pirates and beautiful princesses. As in the first book, the story is narrated in a fun and engaging style. The writing throughout is top quality and I love the witty chapter sub-headings." (Wendy Leighton-Porter, author of the Shadows from the Past series)

"Lost City, book 3 in the [series], is a great read for those who love fantasy with young male protagonists. The plot is new, interesting, and will engage your mind in the story. A great work was created by the author with this trilogy. (Anna Dye, Readers' Favorite)

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